I am Paige,
Pierced, ginger, tea-drinker.

Explorer, baker, moocher, Illustrator, casual smoker and hookah-partaker.

ex-Barista, coffee-maker, book-devourer. Sketchbook-waster.

I like black coffee, tea, and running my fingers through my hair every few minutes.
Background Illustrations provided by: http://edison.rutgers.edu/

Tried to get back on OKC to find some folks to keep me company while I’m alone for a month but the amount of idiotic, backwards looking folks killed any urge I had to meet new people. Also seeing every fucking person I know in chattanooga made me want to gag. Ugh…maybe I’m just too picky and actually fucking hate everyone.

When the air grows cool and the green fades from the wood; the scent of your skin is laced on every breeze. Your laughter rings with the gurgle of the water. And I feel your warmth on every sun spotted rock. Where are you now and how long till I bear the joy of your company once more? Love lost but not absent. Farewell.